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 Eviritua Cities

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To keep all things fair, there is a limitation to the type of character playable. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages that they adhere too. Though each can take on every available job class. Each race holds their homes in certain places of Eviritua, with the exception of the Hume's, of which are widely spread across the world.


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Lerrnayin is a city built actually into the northen mountains of Eviritua. The city is covered in constant snow, leaving at least a foot of snow constantly on the ground. However, being so close to a volcano, the atmosphere surounding the city is very hot, leaving it very humid as well.

It is the one stop city for military purposes. Some of Eviritua's strongest warriors have trained here. Upon reaching a high level, a person can travel to Lerrnayin in order to advance their rank. Specialised quests for Warriors, Gladiators and Dragoons can be found here.



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Kabutan is a small city located deep in the jungles to the West of Eviritua. The denseness of the forest surrounding makes it a difficult city to locate on foot, therefore most people take the zepplin from another city there.

Kabutan is second in the military chain, specialising in ranged combat and stealth. At a high level, people can visit and train here to advance their rank. Rouges, Rangers, Assassins and Cannoneers can come here to take on specialised quests.



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Fusheyila is a very small city that is one large market hall. Surounding the city are the citizens many farms. It is a very dirty and lowerclass city so the wealthy rarely visit. Crime is highest here than in the other main cities.

Fusheyila specialised in using tools to fight with. The people from there may not be strong, but they are resourceful with what they have. Upon reaching high levels, people come here to upgrade their classes. It is a town everybody must visit to upgrade their classes and learning a secondary class.



Quote :
Delnasia is a very futuristic city in the south of Eviritua. The city is cast in an eternal light produced by a single source of energy buried deep underground. The tunnel leading there had long since collapsed yet the capabilities to harness the power the source gives off is still perfectly functioning just as good as ever.

Mages of many varieties have come here to learn and harness their powers. Upon reaching a high level, a person may travel to Delnasia to advance their job class. Mages, Summoners and Technomancers can come here to receive specialised quests.

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Eviritua Cities
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