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Enter the Final Fantasy upon the floating continent of Eviritua.
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The Puppeteers are a brand new class that is still new to Eviritua. The TaruTaru were the first to adapt this class into battle but were more than happy to share their new found knowledge with the rest of the continent. The puppeteers are at a disadvantage in that their puppets fight, and they are left defenceless themselves. Each puppet is completely unique.

Puppeteers themselves do not earn the stat boost, more so their puppets do. They do not earn a fixed stat boost.

Strength: +2
Willpower: +1
Agility: +3
Cunning: +2
Constitution: +1

Rules for stat distribution: the boost must be constant, do not change what is increased. One stat is boosted by 3, two stats get boosted by 2 and the remaining three earn 1 per level.

Being the originator, TaruTaru at level 30 can advance into the role of a Technician.
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