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 Ronso - Beast Gladiator

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PostSubject: Ronso - Beast Gladiator   Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:37 pm

The Beast Gladiators are the top elite of warriors of the Ronso. Upon reaching a certain level of development, a Warrior Ronso may be approached by their leader and given their task in which to become a Beast Gladiator. They are mostly kept out of the military squads and act as a reserve team of pure tanks, which is basically what the Beast Gladiator are; living tank Ronso.

The Beast Gladiator visit the least amount of cities to upgrade from Warriors, however the work they put in, in the cities is very much higher and material needed to complete their task are very much the hardest to find.

To unlock Beast Gladiator:

Upon obtaining the job class, the Beast Gladiators gain a boost to their stats each level of:

Strength: +3
Willpower: +1
Agility: +3
Cunning: +2
Constitution: +2
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Ronso - Beast Gladiator
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