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 Yuke - Summoners

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PostSubject: Yuke - Summoners   Yuke - Summoners I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 08, 2010 10:23 pm

Summoners are only the highest class of Yuke. They can manipulate their magic abilities in which they can manipulate space-time to create portals to places. These are done by imprinting very specific emblems unique to them but the emblem's structure and even their magic signature. But in order to do so, the Yuke must undergo a severe amount of work, hence why only a Yuke would have the capability to do so. With their summoning powers, they can portal themselves and others, and even small boxes bearing the emblem of the Yuke.

To unlock Summoners:

Upon obtaining the job class, the Summoners gain the stat boosts of:

Strength: +1
Willpower: +3
Agility: +2
Cunning: +3
Constitution: +2
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Yuke - Summoners
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