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 Zilart - Technomancers

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PostSubject: Zilart - Technomancers   Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:11 pm

Technomancers combine together the Zilarts magical prowess and their adaptability they gain from their Hume heritage. But as technomancers, the Zilart can become a very dangerous enemy to fight as they are very unpredictable. However, they are also very strictly observed as it is not uncommon for a Zilart to be overwhelmed by their new powers.

The Zilart are awarded suits specifically grafted to their bodies and enfused with their magical-signature so only they can use. Whilst wearing the suit, their magical ability is boosted but they are also just as strong physically now. Once synced with their armour, the armour can shrink of the body to a simple circle on their chest that when pressed, will allow the armour to grow out and cover the body once again. With the armour on, they are classed as an elemental race.

To unlock Technomancer:

Upon obtaining the job class, the Techomancers gain the stat boost of:

Strength: +2
Willpower: +3
Agility: +1
Cunning: +2
Constitution: +3
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Zilart - Technomancers
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