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 Combat, How does it work?

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PostSubject: Combat, How does it work?   Combat, How does it work? I_icon_minitimeMon May 01, 2017 7:13 pm

The combat system here is set up to work in a similar fashion to pen and paper style RPGs. The characters stats work separated into calculating attacks, the damage and chance of miss, and defence, the armour and endurance, and the chance to dodge.

Quote :
Strength: Your melee physical attack strength. Each point into strength increases your melee damage done by 0.5

Dexterity: Your ability to counter. Each point increases damage done for a counter attack by 1 point of damage. This also pairs with Agility for your ranged physical attack strength.

Willpower: You magic strength. Each point into Willpower increases your magic damage done by 0.5. This also pairs with Constitution for your magic damage defence.

Agility: Your ability to move quickly to dodge, increasing by 1% per point. Goes with dexterity for ranged physical attack strength.

Cunning: This increases your likelyhood of hitting the target by 1% per point.

Constitution: Increases your physical defence. Goes with Willpower for magic defence.
Both defences are given a 0.5 points deduction to their respective damages.

Whilst most use only one stat, in some cases two are brought together. Ranged physical attacks, for example the Rangers use of bows and such, need to be worked out differently as they employ the combination of two of the stats total. Working this out is simple however, it's is just the average score from both totals. For example:

A Hume has the totals of:

Dexterity: 6
Agility 6:

As both are equal, it's clear that the ranged physical attack stat is 6

However for a Viera:

Dexterity: 7
Agility: 8

The average of these two works out at 7.5, though this is then rounded up to 8

Magic Attack defence worked in a very similiar style, where both totals are rounded together.

Every 1 point into the average of Willpower and Constitution, deducts 3 Health Points from the damage received.

Using Hume as an example again:

Hume's at lv 1 have the total of

Willpower: 6
Constitution: 5

This is averaged to 5.5, then rounded up to 6. This means that 3X6 damage is reducted.

A (random monster here) deals 30 magic damage normally. Following the defensive rule

3 X 6 = 18, 30 - 18 = 12. The monster deals 12 damage.

Constitution itself however deducts 4 Health Points dealt per attack.

Using Hume's again,

Constititution: 5

The same random monster attacks physically, and deals 30 physical damage.

5 X 4 = 20. 30 - 20 = 10. The monster deals 10 damage.

Finally: Cunning.

Cunning increases the chance to hit by 0.5% a point. For this reason. EVERY character begins with 50% hit chance. This WILL decrease by 5 per level. However to combat this, most weapons you gain will always increase to Cunning or straight out, give an increase to hit chance. Some armours will give an increase also; this mostly is found with rogue or ranger base armours.
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Combat, How does it work?
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